Top Performers Agree

[테크닉]정품? 트레이? 리퍼? 병행?,쉽게 보는 알쏭 달쏭 제품 구분:: 보드나라I guess it’s natural to have a mental picture of the man most likely to use one of the weekend pills. They’re older. Although not as good looking as Jack Nicholson in the great movie, Something’s Gotta Give, they are doing their best to appear youthful. Sure the wrinkles are there but, once you get in the sack, no one’s going to care about that. All you want or need is the confidence everything’s going to work properly when you need it most. And, truth be told, 씨알리스정 this probably does represent the majority of men. There’s a direct link between age and a fading of sexual performance. But there’s a whole new group of user emerging who are just as excited about the performance of these pills.

Pause for a moment to think about what the pills do. They work by dilating the penile artery. This allows more blood to flow into the penis and form the erection. Except you’ve got arteries running into every part of your body. That’s one of the reasons for all the warnings you see on the label. If you take too much of an ED drug or combine it with another drug that encourages a drop in blood pressure, you can faint and your heart may struggle to keep everything circulating as it should. So, if you’re a top athlete, what do you need? Well, strange though it may seem, you need blood circulating fast to all muscles, bringing lots of oxygen. That not only gives them strength. It also boosts stamina. They can keep going at a higher activity rate for 비아그라 구입 longer.

So these drugs are like manna from heaven during training. If they take the pill and then really push themselves, the muscles absorb more oxygen while under stress and this encourages growth and resilience. For any athlete into endurance sports where a high level of activity is expected over a reasonably long period of time, using these pills directly enhances performance. Literally, they can be the difference between not getting in the top team and being a star in the top team. When so much money often rides on getting into the top teams and then performing magnificently, there’s every incentive to cut a few corners when it comes to drugs.

What drugs are these athletes taking? Well, it’s not just the ED drugs. Many are actively using some of the antidepressants and ADHD drugs. The overall effect is to help keep the body cooler during a long game and stave off exhaustion. Why is this cheating? Because sport is supposed to be about making the best of what you have, not building more muscle using steroids and boosting endurance using Cialis. Indeed, so real has the problem become that the World Anti-Doping Agency is considering whether to add the ED drugs to the list of banned substances. This still leaves the MLB and other sports bodies way behind. For some reasons there’s extreme reluctance to look for drug-enhancement activity in many sports. So, if you’re just an older man looking for a weekend of pleasure or a top athlete training for the next big game, there’s complete agreement. Cialis is the best on the market if you want to enhance your performance and keep going for hours.

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