How to Make Money on Facebook in 2020

Everyone can try to make money without problems, or at least learn how to make money on Facebook. Absolutely everyone who has eyesight, at least 1 hand and a little ability to analyze what is happening. But you need to know that just for free money on Facebook does not appear. In order to earn income, you have to work. This will be a daily work that will generate income in some places, loss in some places, but in general, if you plan your earnings strategy using the Facebook platform, you have every chance to break into the market.

What can I sell on Facebook That’s almost everything except prohibited content. Most people sell their cars, old things, handmade items, e-books, anything through social networks. Prohibited Content Alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes, firecrackers, animals, gambling, health products – can not be sold through Facebook. If you plan to associate these products with this platform, you will not succeed. Everything else is welcome. Now let’s talk specifically how to make money on Facebook 10 ++ ways to make money on Facebook: from commonplace to sophisticated 1.

Post to Facebook If you plan to sell goods to your friends, write a post about this in your stream. It must be taken into account that people would like to see how a product or service looks, how to contact you – they know. Pros: you can sell in this way the goods that everyone needs. Cons: you have a limited audience by the number of friends and their friends. In order to sell more, you need a large number of friends. If you make friends and add anybody, you will be deleted from Facebook.

Therefore, you need to choose a thousand or two subscribers wisely – you must see these people at least once in your life. Additional sales are provided using the messenger. From time to time, you can do personalized mailings to your friends about new products and prices. 2. How to make money on Facebook by registering in groups There are such groups in every city, even the smallest. If the group is administered and your posts are not missed, you must agree with the administrators.

They will be happy to help you if you help them monetize their page. You can sell clothes, household goods, and products in this way. Be sure to take good pictures of your products – this is the only way you can attract attention to the product and get more customers. 3. Do you trade in goods? Use the Facebook Marketplace! Be sure to connect your products to this function, where you can add your products, and they will be more correctly placed on virtual counters than posts, etc.

4. Make money on referral programs You’ve probably already met services that pay you money for fumbling or liking other posts.


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