Destined Love & Split Halves

In the book A Passionaate Gospel of True Love Moh Lal Rai attributes her love for Guarang as destiny. This has been ordained by Goddess Maa Durga at an announcement at a fashion show in Las Vegas in USA.

A love shaped by destiny exhibits many similarities between the lovers. It starts with similar grooming and webcam sex childhood background and leads to similar interests, hobbies and preferences. The similarity in interests could be in diverse fields including day to day interests like cooking. The commonality of interests leads to a harmonious ambiance in the house which is essential for love to last long.

But if there is dissimilarity in some aspects of life it could be exhibition of individual characteristic which is an indication of strong personality. The couple should recognize these dissimilarities among them and fully appreciate.

In the book A Passionaate Gospel of True Love the Indian Author Poonam Uppal mentions avidly the phenomenon of split halves correlating with half men and half woman phenomena as in the case of Lard Shiva and Goddess Parvati his consort in real life.

Split halves is a division of one soul into woman and man in order to procreate but this also creates extreme affinity between the two splits and leads to true love whence they meet. This splitting in Hindu religious scriptures is called ardhnarishwar an existence of both woman and man in one body. In scientific parley it is known as androgyny. This phenomenon is not mentioned only in Hindu scriptures but in Greek mythology and possibly finds mention in other civilizations as well.

This unison as mentioned in Hindu Puranas is a harmonious existence of one soul and if they split into two individuals and live separately then there is intense desire to unite as is obvious in case of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati also known as Durga or Shakti.

Among the spilt halves of true lovers relationship is intense and they are inseparable, trust each other intensely and divulge each other’s secret without any hesitation. The union is shaped by destiny which finds mention in the love story book authored by Poonam Uppal.

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